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The Token Summer Update

The token summer 2016… as opposed to the toking summer 2016 update… that would be an entirely different blog… anyway… where was I? Oh right what we’ve been up to… Mostly nothing… We suck…  Life gets in the way and boys can’t make music together, luckily for me (Rob) I found another related outlet which is taking a recording arts course, finished the first one over the summer which dealt with tracking (recording sessions) and start the mixing class in October so I’m sure a million and one remixes will end up on here at some point 😉 Three of us did manage to get together last night (myself, Scott and Robin) to jam out a couple of song ideas and record them for future potential songs, so I thought I’d throw them up to track there progress through the chain.

The first one is entitled Stoner Rock Demo because Robin thought it had a weird Kyuss vibe to it:


The next one with a super original name was Another New Demo:


Keep in mind they’re ideas straight off the floor using 3 mics, so they’re really rough sounding, but it’s about capturing the idea. So that’s where we’re at right now. I’ll probably run with those ideas in the mean time, see where they go and I’m sure we’ll revisit them some time in the future. So that’s it for now, go out and listen to some music and enjoy yourselves 🙂

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