The 360 Project :)

So as you may or may not of noticed I’m a little bit of a gadget junkie, and we finally got a chance to play around with a piece we’ve been waiting for for a long time, our 360 camera. We shot some video last night, and I’m going to start playing around with syncing that with the audio we record, that might take some time to figure out properly, so in the mean time I thought I’d throw up a picture for you to check out. On your computer use your mouse to move around, if you have a phone I would recommend going to our Facebook Group and checking out the pic there (and why not add us at the same time 🙂 ), they do a neat little thing where you move your phone around and the image does as well. Till next time kids!

Building A Song Part 3 – Feed Me The Demo

Well enough dilly dallying…. And enough of using old fart words… Dilly dallying?? When did I start saying that? Where was I? Ohhhhh right, the song 🙂 So a little over a year ago we started this thing, some time in the summer we singled out a riff and built a song around it we later called Feed Me. Unfortunately being middle aged Dad’s spread across a big city finding time to practice is tough, but we did when we could and worked the song. Then at the beginning of March we went up to Jeff’s cottage with a lot of gear and recorded our parts, came back to town, realized there were some problems and re-recorded some parts. Mixed what we had and voila a song is done.

This was a really big learning process for us, especially for myself. I played around with analog multitracks way back in the day, and farted around with DAW software like Cakewalk, Cubase, Protools, etc, but this was the first time I had really sat down and tried to do the whole thing from scratch on my(our) own. It’s not perfect, pretty far from it actually, so we’re calling this a demo. We are going to continue to work on it, during the mixing/re-recording process we identified areas that we could do a lot better on, and we’re going to do that and re-record this one again, so the Building A Song series will continue for this song, which makes me happy because I’m having a ton of fun with it, and at the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about 🙂 So, here’s the Feed Me demo:



The Vanishing of The Magic Shop

So last year HBO ran a series called Sonic Highways which was a documentary of the Foo Fighters making an album of the same name. The premise was they traveled around the US to some pretty iconic studios and recorded a song at each. The last studio featured was a New York studio called The Magic Shop, I won’t get into rehashing the whole episode, but the gist was they didn’t think they could stay around much longer because of the costs involved, especially given New York real estate prices. Well the owner Steve Rosenthal was correct and despite Dave Grohl stepping up to try and back the studio by buying the building, the buildings co-op ownership turned down their offer and as a result The Magic Shop is closing.

OK, so what’s that got to do with us? Sonic Highways was for me the start of PSP, watching that series (I can’t recommend it highly enough) re-ignited my desire to play music with people. That last little “with people” part is the important part of that sentence, and I’ll get to that in a bit but, part of the reason places like The Magic Shop are closing down these days is because no one goes to them anymore because it’s way cheaper and easier to do it on your own. I/we are totally guilty of that, we’re getting ready to record one of our songs and start the process of getting a few more to that point, but as part of that process I’ve started assembling my own studio instead of going to a place like The Magic Shop, and seeing that article today made me more than a little sad, and thinking that we should go to a place like that instead.

Tnat leads me back the “with people” part. Years ago I had a friend that owned a studio named Musty Music, it wasn’t iconic, it wasn’t around for decades, it didn’t host the music elite like The Magic Shop did, but it was amazing place to visit and hang out at. Why? People. People would go there to record and practice, and interact with each other, which led to learning and becoming better, it was it’s own little community. Today we lock ourselves in our home studios, some of us write, play, record and produce completely by ourselves, with no one else to hear, listen and offer input on the process, and I can’t help but think to myself is the music worse off for it? Sure it makes it easier for anybody/everybody to make music, but do we lose something in that process?

In another Dave Grohl documentary Sound City (another must watch) made about the closing of a studio with that name, Josh Homme said something about music that really stuck with me, I’ll paraphrase a bit here, but what he was saying was there was a magic that happens when people create music together, it often goes unsaid, you hear a piece someone is playing and something in your mind finds a place for you to fit into there, a conversation begins, not with words but with notes and movements. It can really be magic, I’ve been part of that feeling, it’s a high better than any drug because you feel connected to the people you are creating with in a way that seems pure, honest and beautiful. Places like The Magic Shop were a part of that process, because they captured that moment through the ears of an engineer and a producer, and in their capturing and translating of that moment, they added that special something to the art which was created.

So today, I’m reflecting on the closing of The Magic Shop, a place I only visited through the eyes of Dave Grohl and his series, and to be honest it makes me a little sad because in my mind, today there’s one place less in this world for musicians to get together and create magic.

The Countdown Begins

So four weeks from today our first real recording session as a band begins in the woods near Parry Sound, Ontario at the legendary Little Amsterdam Studios, (better known as Jeff’s cottage), but before that can begin we have to round up all the equipment, hook it all up, make sure it’s working well and that process began last night at our mixing/mastering studio Fine Audio Recording Technologies Sound (F.A.R.T Sound for short, better known as Rob’s house). I’m sure I’ll have lots more nonsense to say in the coming weeks, but for now a quick shot the setup right now.

The Countdown Begins

The Countdown Begins