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The Token Summer Update

The token summer 2016… as opposed to the toking summer 2016 update… that would be an entirely different blog… anyway… where was I? Oh right what we’ve been up to… Mostly nothing… We suck…  Life gets in the way and boys can’t make music together, luckily for me (Rob) I found another related outlet which is taking a recording arts course, finished the first one over the summer which dealt with tracking (recording sessions) and start the mixing class in October so I’m sure a million and one remixes will end up on here at some point 😉 Three of us did manage to get together last night (myself, Scott and Robin) to jam out a couple of song ideas and record them for future potential songs, so I thought I’d throw them up to track there progress through the chain.

The first one is entitled Stoner Rock Demo because Robin thought it had a weird Kyuss vibe to it:


The next one with a super original name was Another New Demo:


Keep in mind they’re ideas straight off the floor using 3 mics, so they’re really rough sounding, but it’s about capturing the idea. So that’s where we’re at right now. I’ll probably run with those ideas in the mean time, see where they go and I’m sure we’ll revisit them some time in the future. So that’s it for now, go out and listen to some music and enjoy yourselves 🙂

Building A Song Part 3 – Feed Me The Demo

Well enough dilly dallying…. And enough of using old fart words… Dilly dallying?? When did I start saying that? Where was I? Ohhhhh right, the song 🙂 So a little over a year ago we started this thing, some time in the summer we singled out a riff and built a song around it we later called Feed Me. Unfortunately being middle aged Dad’s spread across a big city finding time to practice is tough, but we did when we could and worked the song. Then at the beginning of March we went up to Jeff’s cottage with a lot of gear and recorded our parts, came back to town, realized there were some problems and re-recorded some parts. Mixed what we had and voila a song is done.

This was a really big learning process for us, especially for myself. I played around with analog multitracks way back in the day, and farted around with DAW software like Cakewalk, Cubase, Protools, etc, but this was the first time I had really sat down and tried to do the whole thing from scratch on my(our) own. It’s not perfect, pretty far from it actually, so we’re calling this a demo. We are going to continue to work on it, during the mixing/re-recording process we identified areas that we could do a lot better on, and we’re going to do that and re-record this one again, so the Building A Song series will continue for this song, which makes me happy because I’m having a ton of fun with it, and at the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about 🙂 So, here’s the Feed Me demo:



We survived the weekend…….

Well first recording weekend was a success, we managed to record Feed Me, raw audio is sounding really good, mixing and mastering next, so you can expect content in the form of stories, pictures and of course the song over the next couple of weeks 🙂

Building A Song – Part Two

I told you I’d be back with a video! So a while back we started a series called “Building A Song“, basically what we wanted to do was track the process of writing and recording a song for ourselves and for anyone else that may be interested. I had written a riff, brought to the guys, then one practice Scott (the sexy beast singing and playing guitar in this video) suggested we revisit it, we did and then the process of fleshing it out began. For me it’s been a real learning process, Dan (the guy tucked away in the corner that plays the solo) and I had written a couple of songs back in our teenage years, but they were very basic and that was a long time ago. So in the first video we were in the starting to flesh it out stage, in this video we are starting to put together all the parts.

A couple of notes, there’s a whole lot of learning going on here, not just in terms of some of the guys learning the music but also in terms of the technology involved. We are learning how to do a multi-camera video shoot, we’re learning how to mix and record live audio (Dear JamHub you rule! We’ll talk about you in a separate video!), how to sync them both together and then a million and one different pieces that make up those processes, so, it’s sooooooo far off from perfect it’s not funny (ok it’s a little funny 😉 ), but that’s the point, we’re learning, and having a great time doing it. So let’s get to the video:

So where do we go from here? This is what I was referring too in my last post, the thing that has me really excited. Jeff (the sexy keyboard player in this video) has been kind enough to offer up his cottage for what we normally call boys weekend which involves video games, beer, videos game, beer, beer, ummm video games, well you get the picture. This time however we are basically putting a recording studio up there and recording this song (potentially one more and doing some good old fashioned jamming to see what else we can come up with).  The setup for that is going to be absolutely insane so I’m literally counting the (38) days till then. In terms of this site we plan on doing some really fun things with this, fun for us anyway, but we’ll try and keep it entertaining for whoever stumbles upon these posts and videos as well. We have some ideas in terms of gear talk videos, more in this series as well, and of course the whole recording process so for those of you with us, thanks for taking the time to check it out and feel free to throw out any input/suggestions you may have!! Until the next time!

-Rob (The Bald Avenger wearing the snazzy gray Parry Sound Project sweater from the video)

Building A Song – Part One

OK, so this whole Parry Sound Project thing….. Basically it’s a group of guys that get together whenever they can to make music.. I know, I know, some middle aged dudes trying to relive their youth cheesy clichéd trope blah blah blah… Actually ya that’s kind of it, kind of not, we’re not really trying to relive anything. I think most people at this stage of their lives can relate to working crazy hours, rushing home to get the kids to whatever activity night it may, wait… crap is tonight soccer night??? Oh no I’m good.. wait where was I? Oh right, kids activities, then family and friend obligations and shit, where did my forties go? So we make a little time for ourselves in this life we lead just to get away to a darkened room with others of our life persuasion and try to do art. It’s a weird thing for a middle aged clichéd wanna be rocker  geeky IT nerd Dad to say, but that’s what you try to do. You have no disillusions of grandeur, or real ambitions, or maybe you do, does it matter? It’s a great escape from reality doing something that’s good for your head.

So with all that being said we thought it would be fun to record the process of writing a song. Since we started last year we’ve been bringing in little riff ideas, working them out basically and moving on. This started as one I brought in, Dan was playing with us more so I wrote it out to three different guitar parts, Dan got busy in life and we put it on the back burner. So last Sunday Scott thought we should try it out again. We practiced/rewrote a basic arrangement, and then Scott added a new guitar part, solo and surprise surprise… a vocal line. I think the search for singer is over, but we’ll have to talk him into that. So this is where we are as of this past weekend. I like it, I think it’ll be fun to see where we go from here, we have ideas…. that can’t be good 😉



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