The Parry Sound Project

Lost Cassette Tape

Our guitar player Scott has launched a side project called Lost Cassette Tape, you can find his music on:

Apple Music – Lost Cassette Tape
Spotify – Lost Cassette Tape

Apricity – Fear

A long time friend posted her second video Fear, had to share 🙂

Living it up……

Something Wicked This Way Comes….

OK maybe not wicked… but new content… that for sure 😉

I see the light

Still Alive and Kicking (around ideas)

The struggle of middle aged Dads getting together to make music is real… Scotty came over last night to throw around some ideas, and it looks like fun time will resume with the rest of the guys in September .. Looking forward to it! Short lil video from the other night….

No actual drummers were (used or) harmed in the making of this video 😉

Friday Night Recording Session

The Gear Whore Sessions

Been really driven to play/record lately, sooooo, doing just that 🙂 Only problem is vocals will have to wait till next weekend when I’m at the place I can do that properly… That being said, absolutely loving my current portable rig… #Mixcraft #UAD #HughesAndKettner #Line6 #Orange and of course #Charvel

Still Trucking Along

Been a while so I thought I would throw up an update. Yep, we’re still playing. More regularly these days…. Up to two while original songs these days even 😉  We’re actually getting close to the point where we can properly record them, hopefully that will take place at some point this summer. But a couple of pix from last night for shits and giggles 🙂


All in all, we’re still alive :)

Yes we are in fact still alive and making noise 🙂

The Sound Study

Hey kids, just wanted to do a little bit of shameless self promotion and a quick update. I have been posting audio related stuff to this site and decided recently that I would start doing that on a blog dedicated to the subject instead. So I started a new site and podcast over at It’s basically me sharing tips and tricks as I discover them during my audio engineering studies. I also started a podcast on the subject as well, that you’re welcomed to check out on iTunes or any of the other usual places such things are acquired.

In terms of PSP, we will have some new music coming out shortly, and there may be some more in the works, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled here for that! Until next time….


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