The Parry Sound Project

Living it up……


Something Wicked This Way Comes….


OK maybe not wicked… but new content… that for sure 😉

I see the light


Still Alive and Kicking (around ideas)


The struggle of middle aged Dads getting together to make music is real… Scotty came over last night to throw around some ideas, and it looks like fun time will resume with the rest of the guys in September .. Looking forward to it! Short lil video from the other night….

No actual drummers were (used or) harmed in the making of this video 😉

Friday Night Recording Session


The Gear Whore Sessions

Been really driven to play/record lately, sooooo, doing just that 🙂 Only problem is vocals will have to wait till next weekend when I’m at the place I can do that properly… That being said, absolutely loving my current portable rig… #Mixcraft #UAD #HughesAndKettner #Line6 #Orange and of course #Charvel

Still Trucking Along


Been a while so I thought I would throw up an update. Yep, we’re still playing. More regularly these days…. Up to two while original songs these days even 😉  We’re actually getting close to the point where we can properly record them, hopefully that will take place at some point this summer. But a couple of pix from last night for shits and giggles 🙂


All in all, we’re still alive :)


Yes we are in fact still alive and making noise 🙂

The Sound Study


Hey kids, just wanted to do a little bit of shameless self promotion and a quick update. I have been posting audio related stuff to this site and decided recently that I would start doing that on a blog dedicated to the subject instead. So I started a new site and podcast over at It’s basically me sharing tips and tricks as I discover them during my audio engineering studies. I also started a podcast on the subject as well, that you’re welcomed to check out on iTunes or any of the other usual places such things are acquired.

In terms of PSP, we will have some new music coming out shortly, and there may be some more in the works, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled here for that! Until next time….


Ear Training Guide


Hey there good people of internet land, yes we are still alive. Think we’ve gotten into that stereotypical thing of practicing a lot when something is new and then as time goes on everyone scatters back to the reality of that thing called life. It looks like some of us will be getting back together for a jam sessions in a couple of weeks so something may come out of that. Music is something that is more of a part of my life these days as I’m still in school part time take an Audio Engineering course, I’ve been sitting here staring at this blog for a while now thinking I need to do something with it and the things that I am learning. I’ve got some ideas but I need to talk them over with the others first.. In the mean time I came across an interesting post over at NPR that I thought I would share, it’s aimed more at podcasting, but it is a really handy little guide for those that want their audio to sound better so I thought I would link it here.

The Ear Training Guide For Audio Producers

Playing with DAW’s


Man oh man what’s a music geek to do when his band mates are off having lives and stuff? Well last summer I started taking an audio engineering course at a local college to help try and fill the musical itch, and that REALLY solidified my love of the music making process. It was an intro class that basically covered the tracking part of the recording process. As a rather large gadget geek, being able to learn how to use a pretty sweet Avid S5 console was also pretty amazing. But really what did for me was being able to be there in the middle of a musical creative process. As cheesy as this may sound, there is something magical about being in a recording studio with a group of talented musicians and trying to capture a moment and distill that down to a piece of audio. So naturally when that wrapped up I decided to take the mixing class to continue down that road. Unfortunately there wasn’t enough students and that class was cancelled and I ended up in a digital audio for multimedia course. Anything that teaches me more about the history and how to apply that practically is fair game for me, so I’m doing that right now.

As part of that we started learning how to use Pro Tools, the one DAW I’ve actually never played around with and that I really should have because that’s what is the “industry standard”. I’ll be completely honest, I don’t love it. There’s a lot of reasons for that, and none of them really matter, because something my teacher has been drilling in our heads is, think of a DAW as a tool, like a hammer. Whether you use a Black and Decker hammer, or a Dewalt hammer, at the end of the day they’re both hammers and perform the same function. It’s starting to sink in, but on a reflective note, it’s interesting how much brands matter, in my head at least, I think it’s a testament to power of marketing and the hive mind mentality. There’s a big rant in there about gear as well, but we’ll save that for another day 😉

I started way back in the day with a product called Samplitude, moved on the Cakewalk, then Sonar, then I got a Mac and Garageband blew my mind, with Logic as a natural successor. Last year I built a rather ridiculous PC for the sole purpose of playing with VR gear. With that I thought I should grab some DAW software, and loving the ease of Garageband I looked for something similar for the PC. I was turned onto this product called Mixcraft by a company called Acoustica. Honestly that is the one for me, the layout, work flow, and functionality are exactly what I was looking for. It’s kind of funny because I was telling my wife yesterday I’m working on a couple of projects for school and rather than use Pro Tools I might sneak in a laptop with Mixcraft and use that instead 😉

As customer I got asked to try the Mixcraft 8 Beta they’re working on, and for shit’s and giggles I thought I would load up a couple of their loops, and then jam along and see what comes of it, and then thought to throw it up the site. I’m a mediocre rhythm guitar player at best, and I suck at lead guitar work, so naturally here’s me doing some lead guitar stuff.


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