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Ear Training Guide

Hey there good people of internet land, yes we are still alive. Think we’ve gotten into that stereotypical thing of practicing a lot when something is new and then as time goes on everyone scatters back to the reality of that thing called life. It looks like some of us will be getting back together for a jam sessions in a couple of weeks so something may come out of that. Music is something that is more of a part of my life these days as I’m still in school part time take an Audio Engineering course, I’ve been sitting here staring at this blog for a while now thinking I need to do something with it and the things that I am learning. I’ve got some ideas but I need to talk them over with the others first.. In the mean time I came across an interesting post over at NPR that I thought I would share, it’s aimed more at podcasting, but it is a really handy little guide for those that want their audio to sound better so I thought I would link it here.

The Ear Training Guide For Audio Producers

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